5 Best Features of the MG Gloster in India

MG Gloster front

India welcomed the premium SUV segment with open arms as the Ford Endeavour and the Toyota Fortuner demand among the citizens skyrocketed. Albeit a late-comer in the Indian market, the general performance that the Mg Gloster handed in is above par. Powered by an exemplary automatic transmission-enabled 1996cc BS6 twin-turbo diesel engine, it is competitively priced between Rs. 29.98 lakh and Rs. 35.58 lakh. Let’s take a look at the 5 best features of the MG Gloster that makes it one of a kind. Scroll down below to find the 5 best features of the MG Gloster.

1. Advanced Driver Assistance System(ADAS)

MG Gloster ADAS

MG has proved to be the safest SUV in the market with its ADAS feature. This feature assists the driver and is a reasonable guarantor against sudden, nasty accidents. The intelligent system includes adaptive cruise control. It also brings forth the MG Gloster as the only premium SUV offering level 1 autonomous driving tech to buyers. While not a completely self-driving car, this is certainly the next best thing! 

2. Automatic Park Assist

MG Gloster automatic park assist

Smart sensors present in the MG Gloster aids to park it in a totally hassle-free way. The sensors generate signals in the display present in front of the driver as per the situation. Be it parallel or perpendicular– parking MG Gloster following the instructions becomes truly easier.

3. Cruise Control that adapts

MG Gloster Adaptive cruise control

New drivers will totally find this helpful on highways as they can set the desired speed and the rest will be maintained by the cruise control system. The SUV cruises with the aid of intelligent radars and sensor technology. It senses oncoming traffic and adapts the speed accordingly. Applying brakes will immediately refrain the system from functioning. It is hoped that this feature will add to the driver’s experience, despite the fact that there are a lot of speed-breakers on roads in India.

4. Performance & Power 

The automatic transmission-enabled 2-litre diesel engine leads the driver with full confidence up to the peak power of 215 bhp and torque of about 480Nm. The car is customized to deal with all types of terrain with its various kinds of driving modes. Apart from the Eco and Sport modes, there is Snow, Mud, Rock and Sand mode as well. It’s 550mm wading depth is especially helpful in times of flooded Indian streets during the monsoon. Cutting your path through rain-overflowing streets in an SUV is easiest with Mg Gloster! 

5. Get a grip – off the road as well


A rear differential lock makes the SUV truly independent of paths. Wheel traction is a feather touch away, no matter how treacherous the roads. The ladder-frame chassis also helps overall in such scenarios with its high load-bearing capability.

The MG Gloster thus brings a lot on the roads. Safety, comfort, and other characteristics that any standard SUV should feature. Beyond these, it has advantages that elevate it above competitors. The SUV promises more mileage per litre of fuel, too. Pedestrians and those on two-wheelers will feel especially safe, with the MG Gloster in the neighbourhood!

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