Italian Brand Moto Guzzi Celebrates Its 100th Anniversary

Moto Guzzi celebrates 100 year anniversary

The motorcycle brand of Italy, Moto Guzzi marked its centenary on 15th March 2021. Moto Guzzi is a part of the Piaggio Group and it celebrates the milestone at a time when the company is relishing the season’s success.

Moto Guzzi’s entire motorcycle range has been extensively renewed with state-of-the-art technical features that include electronic rider aids. The Moto Guzzi emblem, spread-winged eagle logo is present since the WWI days of the military service of the company’s founders, Carlo Guzzi and Giorgio Parodi, in the Italian Royal Navy’s Aviation arm.

The two friends, and pilot Giovanni Ravelli, went into motorcycle manufacturing once the conflict ended during the war. In 1919, an accident was the result of Ravelli’s death which prevented him from never achieving his dream. The Eagle was chosen by Guzzi and Parodi as a symbol to commemorate their companion.

Moto Guzzi celebrates 100 year anniversary

Piaggio Group Chairman and CEO Roberto Colaninno said, “The Moto Guzzi centenary is a proud moment both for the Piaggio Group, which was joined by the Eagle brand in 2004 and for the Italian industry as a whole, not just the motorcycling sector. A capacity for innovation, boldness in moving ahead of the times, a competitive spirit, a love for the product and meticulous attention to production quality are the skills that over the years Moto Guzzi has combined with its unique relationship with the local community. Ever since 1921, every Moto Guzzi bike that has gone out into the world has been built at the Mandello factory, the place where the company was set up exactly one hundred years ago. All this will continue through its second century of history. Moto Guzzi is an example of all-Italian excellence,” added Colaninno. “It has gone down in our country’s history without ever losing its youthful spirit and continues to inspire genuine passion among thousands of Guzzi bikers all over the world.”

Moto Guzzi has been victorious on racing circuits around the world over its one hundred years and has raised the Italian flag for an impressive 14 World Championship Titles. It was the motorbike of the speed record, the country’s symbol of growth as well as for the family of the armies and police force.

It equipped the California Police, Berlin Police as well as the polices of the European cities and sovereign’s escort in Jordan by extending its vocation to the international stage. Moto Guzzi is also the elite corporation, Corazzieri’s motorcycle which is used to escort the Italian Republic’s President.

Moto Guzzi celebrates 100 year anniversary

Moto Guzzi has always been the one for long-distance travel. It was used by Giuseppe Guzzi in 1928 to reach the Arctic Circle on his GT “Norge”. This has started a tradition that still continues to this day where travellers set off on their Moto Guzzi bikes every day for distant lands.

Moto Guzzi is the Piaggio Group’s Core division today and also the leading constructor of motorcycles and scooters in Europe. Over the years, it has served and promoted the values of Moto Guzzi’s original characteristics and has took it to the summit.

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